Walk Handmade Walker Vodka (38%)

The Latvian craft distillery Walk has several distillates, based on its hand made sugar-based rectified spirit. Walker is vodka matured in oak barrels; oak chips have also been added to add flavor. The vodka has matured in the barrel for at least one month, after which it is filtered and bottled. Walk Walker Vodka costs about 7.50 € in Latvia.

The aroma is light, with a little vanilla and very light wood tones. The taste is slightly sweet, has vanilla and is slightly oaky. The aroma of oak is very light, obviously only a few flavours come after a month of maturing. Without the added oak chips, there would certainly be much less flavor. The oak chips have been given a good sweetness, at least I assume that no sugar has been added. Walker tastes a bit like lightly aged rums.

The taste is soft and sweetish, the alcohol bites lightly in the background. The aromas feel natural and certainly nothing artificial has been added. It’s easy to sip, but it’s not very enjoyable. However, I drink it rather than cheap rums, where a lot of coloring and flavoring has been added.


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