Aramis XO (36%)

Aramis is a brandy-like spirit drink, made in Lithuania by Stumbras. It’s blend of brandy and rectified spirit, sugar and flavours has been added. Aramis is very popular in Estonia, due the fact it’s sold at a very low price. What I’ve seen in stores, the 20 cl pocket size bottle is the most famous, costing around 3.50€. There are three different versions of Aramis: V, VSOP and XO. 

The aroma is sweet and slightly fruity. There is some dark sugar and prunes. The taste is light, very soft and quite sweet. However, unlike the VSOP version from the same manufacturer, there is already a distinct brandy-like flavor here. It is lighter than the cheapest brandies, clearly sweetened. Dried fruit, a little vanilla, cinnamon and ginger. The taste is short and the aftertaste has a bit of sweet bitterness. The sharp burn of rectified spirit bites a little in the final stages. Aramis XO is quite drinkable, clearly the best of the different versions of Aramis. It is on par with the cheapest and equally priced brandyes. Easy to drink, but does not offer a very long-lasting experience. The slightly bitter burning in the aftertaste tells perhaps that the beverage has hardly been matured at all.


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