Liviko Pipra Naps (Pepper Schnapps) (35%)

Liviko pepper schnapps from Estonia is an original product that has been on sale for decades. Today, there are several similar products for it that have been brazenly copied by other manufacturers down to the name and label. Pepper schnapps have traditionally been used in Estonia as a medicine for gripes and flu. The schnapps is made from three different peppers; black pepper, chili and cubeb. These are dried, finely ground and mixed with spirit. The color of the product comes from the caramel colour and some sugar has been added to soften the taste. The product is sold in several different bottle sizes, a 20cl bottle costs about 3 € in Estonia.

You can’t really expect anything from the nose, it’s a little sweet, but nothing special is noticeable. The taste is dry and light, no special taste is felt. The burning pepper begins to feel shortly after swallowing. Pepperiness is not very strong, it slightly tingles in the throat and esophagus. Schnapps is clearly aimed at a large target group, ie almost everyone. It has a feeling of light pepperiness, but there is so little burn that the product is not too strong for anyone. For those who love strong and spicy dishes, Pipra Naps will probably be disappointing. The taste of snaps is very lean and one-sided. The only thing that makes it special is the light tickling of the pepper after swallow. Schnapps can be enjoyed neatly, but it is also suitable for a variety of cocktails.


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