Lauktuvių Užpiltinė su Spanguolėmis ir Brendžiu (20%)

Lauktuvių is a trade mark of Liviko Eesti by drinks produced to Lithuanian market. The name of the drink is freely translated as “cranberries on brandy”. So it’s kind of mixture of cranberry juice and brandy, blended to 20% strength. Liviko says that the drink is based on ancient recipes and traditions. 20cl bottle was bought from Norfa XL at price 2.10€.

Cranberry aroma is strong and dominating. It’s a sweet and smooth, very easy drinking mixture. There is no brandy on the taste, just cranberry aroma is too powerful. It’s sweet enough but not too much, no bitterness or other side tastes. Well balanced, easy to drink on its own, very good with the ice cubes. You can perhaps do this mixture also at home, just mix brandy and cranberry juice and add sugar if you want. Anyway it’s very cheap also in stores so grab a bottle if you happen to be in Lithuania. 


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