Canellas Herbes de Mallorca (40%)

Traditional herbal liquor Herbes de Mallorca is geographically protected,  it can be produced only in Mallorca island. It’s usually made by anis, camomilla, lemon, lemon beebrush, fennel, marjoram, mint and rosemary. There can’t be used any colourants or preservatives. Commonly dried herbs have been added to the bottle. The drink is generally enjoyed on top of the meal as digestive. 

It’s very dry, there is no added sugar at all. So it’s traditional herbal spirit or flavoured liquor. Herbal aromas are moderate and light, there is some rosemary and chamomilla on the aroma, but them are not strong at all. Taste is the same but it have also some hay like flavour, maybe due to the herbs there is inside the bottle. Spirit used here is neutral grain spirit, it’s not any local moonshine which I could imagine it have been earlier, with added herbs to hide the unpleasant aroma. There are not any bitter herbs used so it lacks character and strong flavours common on digestive drinks. The entirety is average, for me it’s too lightly spiced to be original enough. The bottle looks that the drink is very herbal and strong, but the reality is that it is neutral spirit with some herbal flavours. It’s not bad at all, taste is just so much weaker than expected. 


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