Metsamoori Eliksiir (40%)

Metsamoor aka Irje Karjus is an Estonian expert in medicinal plants and herbs, a natural therapist and folk healer. He has written 12 books and organized several trainings, lectures, etc. over the years. Together with the Estonian Koch Distillery, a tincture bearing the name of Metsamoori has been created. A herbal drink in which herbs found in the forest have been macerated in strong alcohol. Spruce and pine buds and birch leaves have been used for the elixir, which Metsamoor itself has collected together with its assistants. A limited batch of 7,000 liters of elixir has been produced and is only available in Estonia. A 35 cl bottle of elixir is priced normally between 10-15 euros, I found it discounted to 7 euros.

The aroma has wooded atmospheres, spruce twigs, heather, honey and birch bark. The wooden aromas are also felt in the taste. Spruce and pine buds, heather, wild berry blossoms, birch leaves and a little honey sweetness. The taste is a little sweet at first, but it quickly turns dry and slightly bitter. The burn of the alcohol is sharp, as if the product had been bottled immediately after distillation. The aftertaste has a light bitter conifer aroma. The taste as a whole is quite light, even too mild. The aroma of the conifer is easily felt, but it is not very strong either. Mostly I have the feeling that there is clearly saved in raw materials, or the distillate has been diluted too much with rectified spirit and water. Due to its low sugar content, this cannot be called an herbal liqueur, it is more of an herbal spirit or schnapps.

Metsamoori Eliksiir is a good try, but the implementation is halfway through. The taste of the product is not very pleasant, the aroma of coniferous wood is quite nice, although too light. However, the drink is too sharp, it would have needed more honey or sugar to soften the burn of alcohol. Or just a longer maturing before bottling. When sipping the product, there is not the feeling that it is an health-enhancing elixir, but mainly just a sharp liquor with a little forest like aroma.


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