Nipernaadi Cranberry Vodka (37.50%)

Nipernaadi was a popular road movie in Estonia at the 80’s and it gave the name to this cranberry vodka made by Lithuanian alcohol company Stumbras. It’s made by rectified spirit, cranberry juice and a slight amount of sugar. A 20cl bottle costs 3.99€.

Ethanol clearly comes through, of course there is also cranberry in the nose. The taste has some sweetness,but it is rapidly balanced by the cranberry acidity and pungent ethanol bite. The rectified spirit used in the mixture is really pungent and the bitterness of the cranberry still reinforces the effect. The pungent note remains, even with mixing it with a big splash of water. It is still okay when taking a shot from time to time, but really it’s nothing that you want to sip from the aroma glass. It works better in mixtures, although the ethanol pushes through in them as well. The good thing about it is that the cranberry aroma is rather strong and it is not artificial. Stumbras has entered the market clearly ahead of the price. On the store shelf, it stands out with a cheaper price, which leads it to slip into many shopping carts.


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