Apricot Cranberry (18%)

Apricot is a small beverage producer in central Estonia. The company’s product portfolio consists mostly of vodkas with different labels, a gin, herbal liqueur, a few flavored spirits, and a plenty of different liqueurs. Apricot’s products can be found in a few Estonian stores, usually on the lowest shelves there. The company has entered the market ahead of price, the liqueurs are clearly more affordable than the market leader Liviko’s products. Not a single cent is invested in marketing or even advertising own products on the company’s own website. Cranberry liqueur is one of the most traditional liqueurs and is produced by almost all alcohol producers in the Baltic countries. Apricot’s version cost €3.79/50cl.

The color of the liqueur is slightly artificial, somewhere between red and pink. In the nose first comes a sweet aroma like berry candies. On the closer look, the aroma can be recognized as cranberry. The taste is sugary and quite lean. There is a bit of cranberry, as well as the lollipop that has already appeared in the aroma. Cranberry taste is not very natural. Rather, the liqueur reminds me of some cranberry extract or essence that has been added to a mixture of ethanol and sugar. There is no acidity and tannin characteristic of cranberry. There is a slight bitterness in the aftertaste, but it is probably more the effect of ethanol. It’s not so boozy, there is just a tiny bite of alcohol in the background. The amount of sugar is at a reasonable level, maybe a little excessive. Cheap liqueur is what it is and the product is pretty much what you can expect to get for a few euros.


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