Liviko Cherry Liqueur (21%)

Estonian Liviko Distillery has a great selection of different alcohols and cherry is one of their liqueur series products. Due to the producer’s website it is made with natural cherry juice, brandy, neutral spirit, water and sugar. It’s seasoned by nutmeg, bitter almond and cinnamon, to bring some southern-European temperament to the spirit. A 50 cl bottle was bought for 5.99€.

The cherry aroma is intensive in the nose and taste. Taste is sweet, smooth and mellow. The sugar content is well balanced and the mouthfeel is not very thick. It’s clearly made from cherry juices. The taste is superficial, it lacks the depth which can be obtained only by macerating whole berries in alcohol for a few weeks or months. Due to the superficial taste, this becomes a slightly cheap impression. The alcohol feels a bit in the background, the aftertaste has a light almond bitterness. The color of the liqueur is quite pale, so I could assume that no colorants have been added.

Liviko Cherry is an above-average cherry liqueur with a good price-quality ratio. Soft, smooth and easy to sip neat. It’s not too sweet, but a splash of vodka and a few ice cubes will make the drink even better. It’s the best of the berry liqueurs made by Liviko.


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