Remedia Cherry Liqueur (18%)

Remedia is Estonian alcohol producer and their products have been on this blog already many times. Cherry liqueur is another berry liqueur from them, it is made from rectified spirit, cherry juice, sugar, colourings and essences. Remedia do not promote their product at all, but are confident that cheap prices and good availability is enough. 50 cl bottle costs 4.18€ at Maxima.

The rather neutral and slightly sweet aroma has some artificial, industrial nuance. It has just a bit of cherry aroma. The taste is semi-sweet, soft, has light cherry and almond aroma. Alcohol feels a bit in the background, it’s tongue-drying and slightly bitter. The liqueur leaves a slight impression that it is quickly blended with spirit, cherry juice and sugar. There is no depth in the taste, which is achieved by extraction of whole berries. Of course, in that price range, such liqueurs would not be profitable in any way. Remedia liqueurs are generally very low quality, however, cherry liqueur is one of the best. It is quite pleasant and easy to drink, which may be due to the fact that it is very easy to make liqueurs from cherries in general. However, the Remedia product is far behind for a homemade liqueur, which is made by extracting whole cherries for several months. It can be recommended mainly for making drinks with vodka, lemonade and ice.


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