Walk Raspberry Liqueur (21%)

Latvian craft distillery Walk have a bunch of flavoured vodkas and couple berry liqueurs, from which raspberry liqueur is one of them. It’s made on full raspberries, grown in Latvia, which are soaked in rectified spirit (from sugar). Later it is filtered, diluted with purified ground water to 21% strength and some sugar is added. The price of a 50cl bottle was 5.19€. 

Nose is pleasant, has a nice sweet but quite light raspberry aroma. Taste is also light, a bit watery and the raspberry aroma is not as strong as I expect. I have done a raspberry liqueur at home by using 40% vodka and got more raspberry flavour. So maybe the company has soaked the berries for too short a time. Also the raspberries need to be crushed a bit, to break the skin and seeds to release more aroma. Now the taste on the liqueuer is nice, but just lighter than it could be. Good thing is, that there is not any essence taste, which is too common for bigger producers’ products.

So, the liqueur is nice, good thing is that it is not too sweet, the sugar level is well balanced. Just the product needs a bit of more product development to rise for a higher level. I would easily pay a few euros more, if the end result would be more mellow and have more raspberry aroma (natural, for sure).  


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