Zubrowka Bison Grass Vodka (37.50%)

Zubrowka is a legendary Polish vodka, with each bottle inside a stalk or leaf of bison grass (Hierochloe odorata). This grass gives the vodka a very unique aroma. In addition to this, it contains a small amount of coumarin, a narcotic, why Zubrowka according to the original prescription is banned in the United States. Zubrowka is made from rye and was originally distilled in Bialystok, Poland, but now also in many other distilleries in different countries. The aroma of bison grass is obtained in the same way as in the preparation of espresso. The vodka is drained several times through a densely pressed dried grass mass.

Zubrowka vodkas are very high in world sales statistics, ranking 3rd or 4th best-selling. It is owned by Roust International, which also owns dozens of other Polish and Russian vodka brands, including Russian Standard, Green Mark and Soplica. In Estonia, a half-liter bottle of Bison Grass vodka costs about 8 euros.

The scent has aromas familiar from a summer meadow. The grassy, ​​slightly herbal aroma is very original. The taste is soft, very slightly sweet. It has a slightly grassy, ​​vegetable hue, a light peppery and herbal aroma. The aroma is very original and is not easily encountered. The closest it is to the aroma of rosemary and lavender. The aftertaste is left with a grassy and light herbiness. Vodka does not feel the aroma of the grain, the taste of bison grass is so dominant. The taste of the grass was quite strange when tasted for the first time, but I got used to it over time. However, it didn’t become so pleasant that after at least one bottle, I doubt I will not buy it again.

Zubrowka Bison Grass is an original flavored vodka that requires a little time getting used to. When drinking neat, it is smooth and well-balanced, the bite of alcohol is felt, but it is short and in no way disturbing. When diluted with water, the taste remains almost exactly the same, the taste of the grass is so predominant. Traditionally Zubrowka is mixed with apple juice. Today it is also used in many different cocktails.

Bison Grass vodka is worth trying at least once in your life. According to legend, Polish peasants always drank a glass of it before going to work, to gain the strength of a bull. There is no need to worry about the coumarin. EU regulations have set its concentration so low that it has no effects.


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    I want to buy the product. How can I get it. I’m sending this message from Nigeria

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      Hello, you should find some alcohol store which ship also outside Europe.

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