Clan Murray Blended Scotch Whisky (40%)

Clan Murray is made by Benriach Distillery. It looks Benriach is not so proud of this product, as there is not any mention of this whisky on their website or anywhere else on the internet. I found it on sale at Baltic states and few other countries like Holland and Bulgaria. I suppose it’s made for an order of some wholesale company, distillery have found some name and year to the label, distillery have bottled their excess whiskies they haven’t wanted to use somewhere else and sold them on cheap price. The paper quality of the label feels very cheap also. 70cl bottle costs 10.90€ at Selver removal shelf. 

Clan Murray is not convincing. Nose is bland, very thin, have some wood aroma. Taste is pungent, woody, very thin. It’s grainy, burn is strong. Aftertaste is very bitter, bitter taste it leaves to the mouth for long time. It’s very cheaply made, I’m sure it do not consist malt whisky than just a few percents and the grain whisky is either the best quality. The strong bitter aftertaste should come from re-recycled barrels, which do not give any other taste than just tannic bitterness. It’s not drinkable neat and for mixings only with ginger ale or such, which dilute the bitter taste. You can easily give Clan Murray as a gift to your enemy.


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