Canadian Special Old Whisky (40%)

Canadian Special Old is made by Hiram Walker & Sons, established in 1858 by Hiram Walker. The company is now owned by French alcohol gigant Pernod Ricard. This whisky is probably the most common Canadian whisky in supermarket shells in Estonia and other Baltic States. It’s also very cheap, a 70cl bottle was just 9.90€. Difficult to find so much info about this product, but the mash bill should contain rye, corn and barley. Rye is common grain in Canadian whiskeys during the history and gives it some personality compared to USA bourbon whiskies made mostly from corn.

Nose is light but pleasant, a bit sweet, some caramel, a hint of pepper. It has something the same as dark rums have, some molasses or brown sugar notes. Taste is also light, some fresh oak, vanilla and pepper on the aftertaste. Taste is sweet and spicy at the same time, anyway spiciness is not very prominent, but I can taste there is some rye on it. It’s very easy sipping whisky, better than I could expect from the price. If you want to try a canadian whisky, Canadian Special Old would be a good choice. 


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