Grant’s Triple Wood (40%)

In June 2018, Grant’s as the world’s third-largest Scotch whisky producer, decided to renew its entire product line. The traditional Grant’s Family Reserve went down in history and was replaced by Grant’s Triple Wood -serie. The product has the same whisky as before, but is matured in three different barrel types. Triple Wood is a blend of malt and grain spirits that have matured in used American oak barrels, ex-bourbon barrels, and new barrels made from American white oak. The mixing ratio is secret for sure, but as might be expected for a cheap whisky, distillates that have been aged for several times used barrels could play a major role. Grant’s Triple Wood is available comprehensively from all stores, the 70cl bottle is priced at around € 15.

Compared to the old Family Reserve, Triple Wood features more wood aromas. The nose has caramel, slightly fruity aromas (pear, apple) and spiciness. The taste is quite sweet at first, but turns a little bitter towards the end. The taste has caramel, toffee/honey, slightly peppery spiciness and bitter oak. The aftertaste is short; caramel, a little ginger and bitter oak. After opening the bottle, Grant’s is strong and rather pungent, but the taste softens and evens out due to oxidation.

The difference with the old Family Reserve is not significant. There are a little more oak aromas, when Family Reserve had more fruity nuances. However, Grant’s is still a good Scottish blend, the taste is more complex than the cheapest blends in the market, but still pretty well priced. The Family Reserve was perhaps a little more to my liking. 


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