Grant’s Family Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky (40%)

Grant’s is well known blended Scotch whisky and it’s among the top 3 most sold whiskies on the world. It’s produced by William Grant & Sons, family company from Speyside area. The sales volume is 155.000 bottles per day. 

Grant’s was established by William Grant, who built Glenfiddich distillery at 1887. 12 years later William had the opportunity of his life when Pattison whiskey blending house went to bankruptcy and Grant’s family decided bought the facilities and establish an own trademark. William had nine children and most of them continued on the family company and nowadays it the oldest family owned company, currently runned by 5th generation. The company owns nowadays also Balvenie, Tullamore DEW, Monkey Shoulder, Hendricks trademarks, just a name a few. 

Grant’s is well recognizable by its triangle shape bottle design, designed by Deutch Hans Sleger after the 2nd world war. Grant’s is one of the cheapest scotch whiskeys on the supermarkets and very often sold on discounted prices. 35cl bottle costs 7.95€ at Rimi.

Nose is strong grain alcohol on the beginning, but behind it can find pleasant fruity notes, pear and apple, honey and milk chocolate. Taste is bit lighter than nose, it’s sweet with caramel, apple, some vanilla and spices, cinnamon and clove. Once opened first time, Grant’s is strong with grain alcohol but when it stays some time, oxidation really improve it. With adding plash water can get same effect, but loose the fruity notes and get more malt and leather aromas. Aftertaste is sweet but very short. High grain alcohol content disturbs a bit, but when gets used on it and especially when give the opened bottle time to oxidate, it’s totally okay, above average blended Scotch.


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  1. Patty Wilson

    Where can I find this, my favorite scotch, the original Family Reserved, blended Scotch?
    The triple wood seems to have taken over and it flares up my rosacea. Need locations of who carries the original one please, in Las Vegas, NV, Mesa, Scottsdale, AZ and Boise, Idaho as well as Denver, CO. Would be very grateful if you could provide me with some locations. I reside sometimes in Albuquerque, NM and NO distributor AT ALL there. Please help me find your wonderful scotch!!! Thank you in advance.

    1. admin

      I agree with you, Family Reserve was much better than The Triple wood. The producer says that it is the same whisky, but in my opinion triple wood have too much wood taste where The Family Reserve has nice fruit notes. Triple wood have replaced Family reserve in any places, but I still find Family Reserve on same places in Estonia at least. Not at major stores but smaller ones in small cities, which do not so often buy alcohol.

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