Bartender’s Club Blended Scotch Whisky (40%)

Bartender’s Club is a private label product of Rimi Baltic, owned by Swedish company ICA. Rimi headquarters is in Riga and the products are on sale in every Baltic state. There is not any info available about this whisky, just that it’s produced in Scotland and bottled in Estonia. Matured 3 years, like every scotch whisky needs to be.  It’s the cheapest whisky in stores, 70 cl bottle can cost under 10€. 20 cl bottle was 3.89€. 

Bartender’s Club reminds quite a lot of Johnnie Walker’s Red Label. The aroma and taste are quite much the same, just it’s lighter, more boozy and even a bit sweeter. So it’s kinda poor man’s version of Red Label, one of the most sold blended scotch whisky. I won’t be surprised if the whisky comes from the same manufacturer, there have been added just more grain whisky on it. Bartender’s Club whiskey is very light, so easy to drink but very boring and tasteless. What I can taste is light and sweet, woody and grainy, there is nothing to say about the aftertaste. This product’s only advantage is the very low price and for sure it’s the only reason why people buy it.


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