Sir Edward’s Finest Blended Scotch Whisky (40%)

Sir Edward’s is a trademark of Bardinet, a French company. Bardinet’s parent company La Martiniquaise bought Glen Moray distillery in 2008 (seller was Glenmorangie). There comes the malt whiskey for Sir Edward’s blended scotch. Likely this is the birth year of the label, even there is a year 1891 put on the label. Bardinet have also Label 5 blended scotch, some brandys and rums. So Sir Edward’s is distilled and matured in Scotland, blended and bottled in France. Sir Edward’s is said to be 12th most sold Scotch on the world. 20cl bottle costs 5.89€.

Nose is sharp and quite alcoholic. Hint of fruits and honey. Flowers, grain whisky, nuts, cereals, bananas. Taste is also sharp and quite hot,.plenty of grain whisky, a bit of apple, cinnamon, hint of vanilla and pepper. Aftertaste is short, some pepper and banana. It’s quite much the same as the other French blend, William Peel. More floral and fruity, it looks french customer enjoy Speyside like sweet and fruity tones. It’s better than the worst and rather unknown bottlings from Glasgow, but somehow weaker than the big names, Grant’s and Ballantines. It’s not a sipper, but suits very well on cocktails due to it’s fruity and floral taste profile. 


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