Arsenitch Vodka (40%)

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Arsenitch was originally made by Latvian Jaunalko, founded in 1996. It was bought by Finnish alcohol gigant Altia in 2012. Year later Altia closed the Jaunalko distillery and moved the production to Estonia and changed the to use the rectified spirit made at Koskenkorva factory. There is a story of 150 years of history for this “russian vodka” but it is all only marketing bullshit. The name comes from a Russian chess master Pjotr Arsenjevitš. 35cl bottle was 5.59 at Selver. 

Aroma is very much the same than on Koskenkorva, but the taste is a bit sharper and more raw. It’s grainy and nice, crisp and pure, reminds a lot of Altia Eesti other products, Eesti Standard Vodka and Saaremaa. Since Arsenitch is normally more expensive than those two, it is recommended only if you like the style of Altia vodkas and you want to buy it on different looking bottle. 


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