Russkij Rezerv Mjagkaja Vodka (40%)

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Russkij Rezerv Mjagkaja (Russian Reserve Mild) is manufactured by Russian company Permalko. Permalko is situated in the city of Perm and belongs to the Top20 biggest alcohol producers in Russia. It is owned nowadays by Amber Bewerage Group, which has its headquarter in Luxembourg. Russian Reserve Mild is made of high quality rectified spirit, it’s gold filtered and flavoured with anise flower attar. Russian Reserve vodkas are the most known products of Permalko and them are also exported to Europe. 100cl bottle was 12.98€ at Alko1000. 

Nose is neutral, there is a hint of grain and ethanol. Taste have quite an original floral taste at the beginning, then comes a rather strong bite and bitter end, common for russian vodkas. Aftertaste is floral and sweet. Basically it is very common russian vodka, anise flower taste brings some unusual nuance, but it is so thin that this should not be called as a flavoured vodka. It’s okay to sip, anise taste brings some variation, but I’m not sure if I want to buy this another time. 


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