Torres 10 Gran Reserva (38%)

Torres wine house was established by Jaime Torres in Catalonia, Spain in 1870. It is the biggest wine producer in Spain and they have wine fields also in California and Chile. Torres was the first European company which invested in Chile and has had a big influence on Chilean wines growth in the worldwide market. Nowadays Torres is directed by Miguel A. Torres. 

The brandy production of Torres started in 1928. Torres 10 was published in 1946 and it immediately became the flagship product. It’s matured in american ex-bourbon barrels. Torres brandy is made by the solera method, which means the yearly evaporation is replaced by one year younger brandy distillate. So the number 10 here is not an strick age statement. There can also be ten years old brandy distillate but most of it is much younger. Some sources tell that the average age is somewhere between 1 to 2 year, which is also well in line with its selling price. Torres 10 is the most sold Spanish brandy in the world. 

Nose is quite rich, there is dried fruits, raisins, hazelnuts, orange peel and some spices, clove and pepper. It tastes sturdy and it has a rather strong alcohol burn. There are some dried fruits, vanilla and hazelnut. Smell is better than taste, strong alcohol burn disturbs quite a lot. 

It’s at the same time rather young but also has flavors of oak maturation. I bet the quality of Torres 10 has been different in the first production years. Nowadays, when the production volumes have gone bigger and bigger they are forced to use younger distillates to meet the demand. So, Torres 10 is better than most of the cheap French brandies but does not reach the stable quality of really many years matured noble liquors. 


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