Legion VSOP (40%)

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Legion is one of several Moldovan brandies, which you can find in Baltic state stores. It is produced by the largest winery in Moldova, Ungheni-Vin. The company also has other brandy trademarks, and it is the only Moldovan company that has enough guts for export. Of course, there are other Moldovan brandies on the market, but just small scales, operated by the exporter themselves. Unghani’s products are brought to Estonia by Respomar, which specializes in the import and distribution of wines from Moldova and other Eastern European countries. Legion VSOP is a mixture of wine distillates of different ages with an average maturation time of 5 years. A 50 cl bottle cost 11 euros.

Legion VSOP is a slightly darker brown in the glass than VS.. The aroma has a rather sharp edge of ethanol, and behind it, familiar elements of inexpensive brandy are shown up: ripe fruit, dried plum, raisin and caramelized sugar. The taste is sweet but still very sharp. The taste has pretty much the same elements as the smell. Mainly raisins and prunes, as well as caramel or caramelized sugar. The sweetness and sharpness continue for quite a long time, the aftertaste also leaves a sweet but tingling burn in the mouth.

Legion VSOP is still too young distillate to offer greater pleasure. The sharpness has been smoothed out a bit with use of brown sugar syrup, but it is still unpleasantly alcoholic. That’s why cheap brandies are usually 36% strength, 4% water addition apparently makes the product softer. In my opinion, Legion VSOP is unnecessarily left at 40% strength. Among some people, 40% vol brandy gets more valuation, but Legion VSOP really does not deserve it.  It clearly needs a little more water in the glass, which softens the taste and also brings out more fruity and slightly spicy nuances. Even so, Legion VSOP is too sweet and sharp, and compared to VS, which is a couple euros cheaper, it is not a better deal at all.


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