Grand Duke Hand Crafted Brandy (40%)

Grand Duke is a product of Lithuanian conglomerate UAB “Gelsva”. Gelsva owns Lithuanian biggest alcohol chain store Vynoteka, many restaurants, spring water factory, wine and food import and wholesale. Grand Duke is made in Bulgaria and it’s on sale only in Vynoteka stores in Lithuania and Poland. 20cl bottle costs 3.99€. 

It’s not a usual brandy but kind of brandy based spirit drink flavoured with cherry. Nose is sweet cherry, smooth and have hints of chocolate. Taste is sweet cherry and chocolate on the beginning, but turns on aftertaste dry and rather bitter. Entirely is however moderate sweet. It feels quite young, there is not the deep aromas which comes from maturation. There is much same than with Metaxa, which is a brandy added with sweet wine. Grand Duke feels brandy added with cherry juice and chocolate aromas. Anyway it separates well enough from other comparable products and leaves a positive overall look. 


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