Ibis XO Brandy (36%)

Ibis brandy was found at 1886 by Joseph Gautier. It is blend of different distillates around the France, also from Cognac province. Joseph Gautier & Fils was sold at 1926 to Jens-Einar Larsen, norwegian businessmen who lived in Cognac province. Later Jens-Einar set up his own brand Larsen Cognac. 2012 it was bought by Remy Martin, who sold it again to Altia, Finnish alcohol gigant (together with Ibis brandy). Even though there is XO in the name, it has nothing to do with the maturation age. Ibis is widely available around Estonia and one of the cheapest brandy on the market. Price for a 35cl bottle was 7.69€

XO here is a joke, there is nothing ‘extra old’ on this product. It is a very young brandy, aged maybe from several months to one year. Aroma is very light, there is a hint of raisin or ploom and oak. Taste is a bit sweet at the beginning, it has very light raisins and oak. Overall the smell is tasteless and a bit musty. Burn is medium strong, aftertaste short, rather dry, with a hint of raisin. Ibis a very average brandy, not worth even the low selling price. 


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