Magistr VSOP Brandy (36%)

Magistr is Moldovan brandy made by Ungheni-Vin. It’s most common Moldovan brandy and widely available in Baltic supermarket chains. Ungheni-Vin was established at 1945, focusing wine and sparkling wine and distillate production. Grapes for the brandy comes from Ungheni parish. Magistr VSOP is matured 3 years in oak barrel and diluted to 36% bottling strength. It’s cheapest for all Moldovan brandies on the market, price was 8.29€ for 50cl bottle.

Aroma is light, there are some raisin and overripe fruits. Taste have dry wood, ripe fruit, a bit of dried raisin/ploom and old leather. Overall Magistr is a bit fusty, it’s maybe matured for recycled barrels so there is not so much wood aromas anymore. It’s definitely not the best Moldovan brandy, quite mediocre I’d say, same producer Legion is much better. Nothing too good but not disturbing bad either, except a bit fusty leather in aftertaste.


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