Telavi 3YO Brandy (40%)

Telavi is brandy made by Marani winehouse at Telavi city in eastern-Georgia. It’s on Kakheti region, which is the biggest wine production areas in Georgia. Marani winehouse is established at 1915 and they made wine with respecting traditions but by modern methods. Brandy is distilled on small column still and matured 3 years on French oak barrels. Bottled to 40% strength, price 50cl/11.99€ (Rimi/Estonia)

Telavi have quite pungent but lightly fruity and spicy aroma. Taste is milder than what can expect from the nose. There is still quite lot of kick from the distillate and alcohol burn vanish well the slight nuances. Anyway I can find some flowering fruity and oak on the background. Taste is quite dry so it feels there is not so much added sugar or grape must. Aftertaste is short and dry, have some spicy oak and leather. It is still young and quite unfinished, for paying few extra euros you’ll have 5YO or 8YO versions which could be smoother and more balanced. Telavi 3YO is bit of too hot to drink neat, but is a good choice as mixer instead of VS cognacs.


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