Legion VS 3YO Brandy (36%)

Legion is Moldovan brandy made by Ungheni-Vin. It’s situated in Ungheni city at west-Moldova, close to Romanian border. It’s biggest winehouse in Moldova, three times bigger than next fire winehouse’s together and only company who can export products. They export to 15 countries, mostly to east-Europe. Wine house was established at 1997 and their yearly turnover is one million euros, so on European scale it’s very small house. Legion VS is blend of different age distillates, medium maturation age of three years. It’s not the cheapest Moldovan brandiy, but I succeeded to find 50cl bottle on discounted price 7.99€ (Maxima). 

It’s clearly young brandy, which 3 years old age statement makes a bit doubt it. Nose is very smooth, sweet, it have some oak, floral aromas and hint of peppermint. Taste have honey, raisin, it’s very smooth but also quite light. There is some fresh leather taste than same produced Magistr, but on Legion it do not disturb so much. Burn is very smooth, aftertaste is short and have bit leather and oak. Very well balanced, sweet brandy which is very easy to drink. I found this brandy better to drink neat than use for cocktails, it do not give much brandy aromas to classic cocktails like Sidecar. Anyway it do not offer anything special, it’s matured just so long there is not burn of the distillate but there is not so much aromas from the barrel yet. Flowery honey aroma could tell that it’s sweetened with honey. Overall on its price class it’s good product and so far best Moldovan brandy I have tasted.


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