JP. Chenet XO Brandy (36%)

JP. Chenet wine house was established at 1984. Unique bottle with crooked neck named as ‘Josephine’ was designed by Joseph Helfrich. It was so difficult to produce at the beginning so it was needed to create a totally own production line for it. JP. Chenet produce different wines and sparkling wines.

Brandy production the company started at 2009. Grapes of it comes from Cognac parish and southern France. Grapes are pressed to juice and fermented at 3 weeks. Distilled twice in pot still. Matured during a year at 600 litres or bigger oak vats. After a year different distillates are blended and diluted to bottle strength, 36%. Price for 50cl bottle was 8.99€ (SuperAlko).

Nose have baked apples and flowery aroma. Taste have bunch of sweet apple, cinnamon and bit or raisin. Burn is mild and aftertaste have baked apples on the beginning, until it turns a bit bittery. It certainly is a young brandy. But anyway, it feels ready so maturing some years might not give anything better. When older brandies can be masculines, JP Chenet is more feminine, which is underlined by smooth flowery and sweetness. Would be nice to know where comes the strong baked apple aroma. Have there been added some apple brandy or just by artificial aromas. Anyway, JP. Chenet XO is very accessible, light, sweet and smooth brandy which is very easy drinking neat.


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