Aznauri 8YO (40%)

Aznauri means noble in the Georgian language. Aznauri brandies are produced in Georgia by Ukrainian company Global Beverage Trade. It is sold as cognac in Ukrainian and Russian markets, but exported under a brandy name. Aznauri brandy is made by Rkaksiteli grapes (another usual grape variety in Georgia is Saperavi). After distillation it matures in charred oak barrels 3-8 years. A 50 cl bottle was at an 11.49€ bargain price in Latvia. 

Nose is quite light, there are some dried fruits and oak, leather aromas. Taste is strong and very sharp. There is some oak, dried fruits and it’s slightly sweet. Anyway aromas are quite light and difficult to notice among the strong alcohol vapors. Aftertaste is short and dry, there are some dried plums. Anyway, it does not feel at all like it has matured 8 years in barrel. It’s raw, rough and alcohol burn is strong. If it’s really matured for a long time, the wood which is used on barrels should be very hard, so it havent’s soften the taste enough during the years. When 8-years old brandy is already so strong, I would not want to taste the younger ones at all. Of course, the younger brandies probably have loads of added sugar or grape must. Aznauri 8YO is still unfinished, not so quality distillate. It can be compared to cheap VS cognacs. I did not enjoy it so much, it works better on cocktails. 


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