Soberano 12 Gran Reserva Brandy (38%)

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Soberano is made by Gonzales Byass, which is better known on it’s sherry production. Conzalez Byass was established in 1835 by Manuel Maria Conzalez, who decided to start sherry and other wines production at the city of Jerez, in south-Spain. To get the products more widely on sale, he took a partner from England, Robert Byass. Nowadays the company is fully owned by the Conzalez family and it’s runned by fifth generation. The company started brandy production very early, just 20 years after establishing the wine house. They also have another brandy trademark, Lepanto, which is much more expensive than Soberanos. 

Soberano 12 is made from column distilled wine, matured american oak barrels, before used on sherry production. Brandy is matured on solera method, where the evaporated spirit on barrels are filled by younger distillate. 12 is not an age statement, but the medium age of the distillates. 70cl bottle costs 19.99€ at Maxima.

Lots of sherry on the nose. Raisin, dried fruits, caramel. Taste is smooth and sweet. Caramel, coffee, raisin, oak and some spices. Sherry notes of course. It’s very easy drinking brandy, soft and smooth with a minimal burn. Aftertaste is smooth and velvety with subtle bitter and spicy kicks. It’s a good brandy, less spicy and more simply than Torres 10, which is the most sold Spanish brandy. When it’s also quite decently priced, it’s recommended if you want to try a good spanish brandy.


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