Sarajishvili 5 (40%)

David Sarajishvili is the largest and most famous brandy producer in Georgia. The company started producing brandy in 1884, in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. In the early years, the company sold its products mainly to the Russian market, but twenty years later, Sarajishvili was able to sell its production to the rest of Europe as well. During the Soviet Union, the company was nationalized, but production continued almost as normal. Since 1991, Sarajishvili has been owned by several different parties. Today, production is established and the company continues to produce brandy with the same principles and methods as in France in the cognac region. Currently, Sarajishvili is sold in more than 20 countries, on four different continents. The 5-star Sarajishvili is made from distillates matured in oak barrels for an average of five years. In Baltics, Sarajishvili is a well-known brand and available in most alcohol and grocery stores. A 50 cl bottle cost €13.90.

The nose is fruity and deep. Raisin, prune and sweet, ripe fruit. The taste is smooth, clearly matured and there is no sharpness as usually found in VS cognacs. The taste has ripe fruit, raisin and oak aromas. There is some sweetness at the beginning, but Sarajishvili 5 is drier than most brandies. The alcohol kicks in a bit at the end, but the burn remains short. The aftertaste is fruity and dry, slightly spicy.

Sarajishvili 5 is smooth and pleasant to sip and does not need a splash of water or a piece of ice in the glass. Sarajishvili competes head-to-head with Ararat for the title of the best brandy in the Caucasus. A solid good product and very well priced.


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