Bache Gabrielsen VSOP (40%)

Bache Gabrielsen is yet another cognac producer of Norwegian origin. Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen moved from Norway to France in the cognac region, bought the Dupuy cognac house in 1905 and started producing cognac under his own name. Today, BG is owned by the fourth generation and continues to export cognacs, especially to the Nordic countries, Asia and North-America. In Norway, Bache Gabrielsen is the market leader, and over a million bottles of it are sold there per year. Bache Gabrielsen VSOP is a blend of distillate made from grapes grown in the Petite Champagne (20%) and Fins Bois (80%) regions. In Estonia, a 70 cl bottle was on sale at a reduced price of €27.90

The nose is quite sweet. Caramel, raisin, dried apricot and hints of oak barrel. In the taste, caramel sweetness and vanilla aroma are highlighted. Fruitiness also creeps in, but it’s definitely not a fruit bomb. The swirl of caramel, brown sugar, raisin and vanilla is quite strong, the aftertaste is short and there is not much else left in the mouth apart from a light woody aroma. Because of the sweetness, Bache Gabrielsen is very easy to sip and even those who otherwise don’t want to touch cognac should like it. The sweetness probably doesn’t just come from the distillate and the barrel, I expect also brown sugar has been added. Fairly straightforward and easy cognac to sip, but not particularly aromatic.


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