Monnet Sunshine Selection (40%)

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The Monnet cognac house founded by has remained a rather unknown cognac brand despite its long age (established in 1897). The company has changed owners several times and is currently owned by the Guerrand-Hermès family. In addition to the traditional age-classes, Monnet has published special batches, which include Sunshine Selection. VS class cognac has matured for at least 2 years and originality has been sought by choosing the most fruity distillates. Some of the distillates have also been distilled with the lees, which has resulted in an earthy and aromatic aroma. Sunshine Selection in a 70cl bottle cost a little over 20 euros.

The nose is light and sweet, has a bunch of honey and fruits. The taste is pleasantly smooth and sweet. Fruity, floral nuances fill the mouth and dance on the tongue. The aftertaste brings the sweetness of the apricot jam. Summer Selection is a very easy sipping cognac that lacks the sharpness typically found in VS class distillates. The fruity aromas are pleasant, although the taste is rather short. The traditional aromas of grape distillate and oak barrel, typical for cognac, are almost completely absent from Sunshine Selection. The softness and sweetness are probably thanks to the added sugar syrup, although it is not any overflowing sweet spirit. Sunshine Selection is a nice surprise and a bottle of it is emptied without noticing. When the price is also reasonable, it is a good purchase if you tend to buy VS class cognacs.


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