Belorusskij Balsam (40%)

Belorusskij Balsam is a digestive bitter produced by Belarussian company Minsk Kristal. It has been made by 22 different herbs, roots, flowers, leaves and fruits. Among them – infusions of cinnamon, ginger, cloves, pine buds and linden flowers. These natural ingredients are being told to have a toning and strengthening effect on the body, increasing its immunological activity. 20cl bottle was 3.49€ at Alko1000. 

It’s strongly wooded bitter. Pine buds and resin aroma is strong on the aroma and taste. Also it has a great amount of other spices and herbs. Mouthfeel is thick, but the taste is so bitter that the sugar does not taste at all. Strong spiciness stays on the tongue for a long time. At least clove, cinnamon and pine buds are noticeable. It’s very original digestive bitter and suits well after a hearty meal. Spiciness and bitterness is so strong, that I won’t drink this more than one shot at a time. Anyway, it’s very unusual and highly recommendable to try at least once.  


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