Nemiroff Honey & Pepper Vodka (40%)

Nemiroff is one of the major Ukrainian vodka brands. Nemiroff vodka production began 150 years ago in the small town of Nemyriv, 250 kilometers southwest of Kiev. Nemiroff is owned and manufactured by Lvn Limited TOV, headquartered in Nemyriv neighboring city in Vinnytsia. Nemiroff is the only one of the major Ukrainian vodka brands that still have ownership in Ukraine. The bigger brands, Khortytsa, Hlibny Dar and Morosha, are foreign-owned.

For production of Pepper & honey vodka has used honey, chili pepper and a spice blend that is said to contain up to 27 different herbs and spices. In Estonia, this vodka is widely available in almost all grocery stores.

The aroma is light, has a little honey and a hint of pepper. The taste is also light, a little sharp, not because of the chili pepper but the alcohol is quite sharply displayed. The honey feels like a light sweetness, the chili burn is not felt at all at first, but in the aftertaste it starts to itch a little. The flavors are very subtle, the herbal mixture mentioned in the preparation is practically not noticeable at all. Diluted with water, the taste of chili pepper is a little more prominent, however, the honey disappears almost completely and turns into a vague sweet nuance.

The recipe for that vodka is said to be centuries old, but I doubt it has been radically changed to suit better for today’s taste. Due to the large production volumes, the spiciness may also have been reduced. Nemiroff Honey & Pepper is a light and very subtly flavored vodka. Maybe a little too light, I expected to get more out of it. If you are afraid or looking for a strong chilly burn, you will not find it in this product.


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  1. vodka

    i had this in georgia. i bought two small bottles at different times, from the same store, each was coloured, labeled, and tasted, slightly different. overall i suppose it is better than any vodka produced in america, better than zirkova, and georgian gomi, but not one of my favourites. for reference, i am from america, but i am emigrating from america.

    1. admin

      It has not so much taste, there are better honey&pepper vodkas available than Nemiroff.

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