Teeling Small Batch (46%)

Teeling Small Batch is a good example of name-playing in the marketing. “Small Batch” can’t really be a “small”, when it is the manufacturer’s flagship product and is sold in several different retail chains, even in small Estonia. Teeling is made at the Cooley Distillery in Dublin. The brand is now owned by the Japanese-American beverage giant Beam-Suntory. Teeling Small Patch does not announce itself as a age-statement whiskey, but it is believed to have been matured in ex-Bourbon oak for about 6 years. For the past six months, it has been staying in ex-rum barrels brought from the Caribbean. The whiskey is not cold-filtered and apparently not dyed with sugar color either. A 70 cl bottle cost €25.95.

The nose is quite delicious: caramel, honey, malt, dried fruit and some unclassifiable sweet aroma. From the smell and taste, I can clearly feel it is stronger than the usual 40% ABV. The taste is a some-way stronger than basic market whiskeys, but perfectly neat sipped. In the taste, right at the beginning, you can feel a good dose of caramel, sweet malt and vanilla pudding, but the taste quickly becomes drier and in the aftertaste there is more spiciness and dry wood aromas. The taste has a bit of the same fruitiness as in aged rums. The taste in itself is smooth and quite nice, but it is still a fairly basic product. However, there is clearly more flavor than about half cheaper Irish like Bushmills and Kilbeggan. Teeling’s profile falls into the category of light, slightly sweet and soft Irish Whiskeys. There aren’t so much dark shades in it. My best Irish whiskey so far, but not one that I would like to sip every day.


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