Božolinė Žolelių Trauktinė (Herb Bitter) (35%)

Bozoline is a Lithuanian herbal bitter. It is produced by Alita, Lithuanian wine house. It was established in 1963, as a state-owned wine company to produce wine from fruits and berries. The company was privatized in 1995 and after that have enlarged its action to sparkling wines, brandy and other spirits. Bozoline bitter is made at least from wormwood, clove, ginger, anise and orange peel. 20cl bottle bought from Promo Cash&Carry for 2.79€. 

Nose is smooth and sweet, there are some herbs. Taste is seductive sweet at the beginning, but it slowly dries and changes bitter. Aftertaste is already clearly dry and bitterness from wormwood stays long on the mouth. Taste has some nuances of clove and licorice. It has the same feeling as vermouths have, wormwood taste is ruling and it pushes other herbs to the background. Sweetness and bitterness are anyhow very well balanced. It’s bitter enough to be called digestive bitter, not herbal liqueur like Jägermeister. It’s pleasant and nice, easy to sip and maybe the easiest spirit in this genre. 


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