Gonzalez Byass Cristina Medium Sherry (17.50%)

Conzalez-Byass is the biggest and best known sherry producer. The story for the company starts from 1835, when it was established by spanish Manuel Maria Gonzalez together with brittish Robert Blake Byass. The company have been working as family company already four generation. The company build it’s own winehouse at 1862 and was visited by British Queen Isabel II. At 1963 was build new factory (Tio Pepe) which could fit 28.000 barrels at three level. Another, still bigger factory was done 9 years later and it fit 80.000 barrels. The company sell all used sherry barrels to Scotland, where they are been used to maturing whiskey. At least Dalmore is using barrels from Gonzalez-Byass. At year 1988 Gonzalez family bought the company shares from Byass family. Cristina is semi sweet sherry blended by Palomino-Fino and Pedro Ximenez grape wines. Price for 75cl bottle was 9.90€ (Maxima).

Cristine is a very nice sherry, which have depth, fruity aromas and just right amount of sweetness. Nose is quite strong, there is maple syrup, peanuts and dried fruits. Taste is rich, dried fruits with peanuts and oak. It’s a bit drier than could expect for the nose. Burn is minimal so it’s very well settled and aged. As such deep and strong aroma it suits better for those who have already some experiences for sherrys. It’s very well resistant for storage, at least I had it opened several months in fridge but did not notice taste have changed. Very good sherry considering the price range.


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