Osborne Fino Quinta (15%)

Osborne is the creation of Englishman Thomas Osborne Mann. It was founded at the beginning of the 19th century and is one of the oldest wineries in Spain. Today, Osborne has grown into a large group, has given up wine production and focuses mostly on the brandy and other products. However, sherry under Osborne’s name is still produced by partner Gonzalez Byass. Fino Quinta is Osborne’s best-selling sherry. It has matured for about four and a half years in oak barrels. “Quinta” means five, in this case the fifth vintage of sherry production. A 35 cl bottle cost €6.50.

Fino Quinta is very pale in the glass, straw-colored. The nose is quite light, slightly yeasty. There are olive, chamomile and nutty aromas. The taste is light and very dry. A bit yeasty, but not at all as strong as Tio Pepe. The taste is quite short and turns slightly bitter at the end. Lighter than most of the fino sherries I’ve tasted before, more like a very dry white wine. Although the familiar sherry aroma is still clearly present. Fino Quinta is a bit boring for neat sipping, the taste is short and maybe too light. In cocktails, it goes well with sweet liqueurs, lightens the drink and brings freshness on it. It works well also as an aperitif in a small portion.


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