Gonzalez Byass Elegante Fino Sherry (15%)

Elegante Fino Palomino sherry comes from the same wine house as the most sold fino sherry of the world, Tio Pepe. When Tio Pepe matured at least 5 years, Elegante Fino is younger, matured around 3 years. There might also be used wines which are note eligible for producing Tio Pepe but too valuable to throw away. The price is around half of the normal Tio Pepe price. There is not so much info available about this sherry. So it is perhaps just a bulk product for Gonzalez Byass, sold cheaply on supermarkets. 75 cl bottle was bought at 6.99€ at Maxima. 

Aroma is light, fresh and floral. Taste is dry and sour, but not as tight as on Tio Pepe. A bit yeasty, some hints of olive brine, peanuts and grapefruit peel. It’s still dry and sour as fino sherry should be but more easily to drink than Tio Pepe. When drinking them side by side, the difference is not so big, it’s just lighter but has around the same aromas. I can feel it is younger and not so mellow, do not blow your mind than Tio Pepe.

Anyway, it’s enjoyable to drink on it’s own and suits well on cocktails. When it’s just half the price than most fino sherries, it’s a very good bargain and recommend to try if you are not so familiar with fino sherries. 


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