Barbadillo Blend of Amontillado Sherry (17.50%)

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Barbadillo is one of the biggest sherry producers in Spain. The wine house was established at 1821 by Benigno Barbadillo. It is still a family owned company and have a wide selection of different sherry wines. They are the most important producer of manzanilla sherries. If addition of a wide range of own bottlings they also sell wines to other sherry bottlers. Barbadillo Medium dry sherry is a blend of Amontillado and Pedro Ximenez, aged in casks on the traditional solera system. 75cl bottle was 9.99€ at Selver. 

Nose is light and it is a bit sour, typical for fino sherries. Some peanuts, mocca like aromas. Taste is light and subtle, medium dry, smooth. Peanuts, oak, raisin and some honey. When opening the bottle, alcohol was biting a bit, so it should be quite young bottling. When getting oxidized, the taste goes more smoothly. It’s sold in supermarkets for a reasonably cheap price, so can’t expect so much for it. Quite typical, light and easily approachable. It suits well on aperitif.


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