Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry (17.50%)

Sherry was very popular in UK during 18th century. Nearly all sherry was imported through Bristol city port, so it was soon started called as Bristol Milk. There were different wine merchants which imported and blends ‘Bristol Milk’ and one of them was John Harvey, who started his business at 1796. John’s son invented new, sweeter and bit thicker sherry and named it Bristol Cream. It soon came very popular and from 1950 it have been the most sold sherry until these days. It also born new sherry style. ‘cream’, to classify all sweet style desert sherries. 

During the years Harvey’s changes for importer and blender to producer and now produce now itself all it sherries in Jerez, Spain. After different merges, splits and changes it is now owned by Philippines based conglomerate Emperador.

Harvey’s Bristol Cream is blend of nearly all different sherry styles, however mainly dry amontillado and sweet oloroso. Matured 3 years on solera method. It’s is most common sherry in supermarkets and on sale nearly everywhere on the earth. The price for 50cl bottle is approx 7.50€ in Estonia. 

Bristol have usual sherry aromas but they are quite light side. Aroma is mild and smooth, there is some peanuts, raisin and hint of oak. Mouthfeel is sweet and thick, but not so much than can expect from the name. Palate is light, there is bit of raisin, caramel and hazelnut. Aftertaste is super short. Bristol Cream is definitely a desert sherry. It’s on the sweet side, but not syrupy, it’s very easy to drink neat. It suits very well for beginners who have not tasted sherry at all and it’s good option to port wine. If you like it, you can easily move to other sherry styles and more stronger tastes. 


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