De Kuyper Creme de Menthe (24%)

Green mint liqueur is a very distinctive bottle on the shelves of bars. The liqueur is made by distilling lemon oil and mint leaves. The finished distillate, which is clear, very minty and fresh, is mixed with water and sugar. The finishing touch is given by food coloring, which gives the liqueur its recognizable green color. Mint liqueurs are also made clear, without added green coloring. The Dutch company De Kuyper manufactures both of these. A 50 cl bottle of green mint liqueur cost €9.90.

As soon as you open the bottle of liqueur, minty aromas flare out. The liqueur itself is very thick and in that sense “creamy”, which is mentioned also in the product’s name. The smell is intensely minty and resembles the mint aroma in toothpaste. The smell is also very fresh. Naturally, the taste is also very minty and freshing. The mouthfeel is thick, so the sugar content is probably between 20-30%. Aftertaste leaves a pleasant minty and fresh aroma in the mouth, as if you had gushed with minty mouthwash. The thick sugariness is nicely cut by the alcohol and the 24% alcohol content is very well setted. It’s nice to sip a small glass, but no more than that. For sure it works well after a fatty meal. Bartenders certainly know how to conjure up sneaky cocktails with it. Grasshopper is perhaps the most famous of them, it is also recommended by the manufacturer himself. In addition to mint liqueur, Grasshopper is made by white chocolate liqueur and cream. De Kuyper green mint liqueur does its job well, it is exactly what you would expect based on its appearance. There is nothing to complain about in terms of quality and taste, but I can only recommend it to big mint lovers and bartenders.


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