Severnaya Federatsiya Kedrovaya Vodka (40%)

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Federatsiya is produced by Russian company ALKO Group. It was established in 1996 and it exports alcohol products to all ex-Soviet Union countries and a few others like Germany and Israel. There are ten different alcohol producers in the group. 

Vodka is diluted from ground water pumped from 180m deepness. Water is filtered on a multi-tiered system, where all mineral and organic substances are removed. After distillation and dilution the vodka is been filtered with activated carbon enriched in silver ions. Before bottling it is still flavoured with extract made from cedar pine nuts. Price for 50cl bottle was 7.99€ at Maxima.

It feels very typical Russian vodka. Aroma is neutral and have hints of grain, probably wheat. Taste is neutral and smooth at the beginning and has a bit oily mouthfeel. Burn is quite strong and then comes dry bitterness on the aftertaste. It’s very ordinary vodka and has not so much to tell about. The flavour or cedar pine peanuts is very thin, almost non-existent, but it can affect the bit oily mouthfeel. 


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