Mulgi Viin (Vodka) (40%)

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Mulgi Viin (Vodka) is produced by Estonian company Koch LLC. It is owned by a big concern who also owns SuperAlko alcohol chain store, a brewery and plenty of properties in Tallinn. Koch LLC produces over 10 different vodkas (Vergi, Tuletorn, Taxi etc.) which have minor differences. Koch imports the rectified ethanol, mainly from Latvia. The base spirit is filtered many times and diluted by ground water to 40% strength. The price for a 100cl bottle is 14€. 

It’s kind of neutral vodka but has a sweet, artificial nuance, impurities are recognizable and burn is medium strong. Definitely some sugar or glucose syrup have been added to soften the taste, but it hasn’t faded out the bitterness on aftertaste, which is often a mark of poor quality base spirit. Anyway it does not make me shiver so it is not the worst vodka on the market. On it’s price range there are several other vodkas which are a bit better so I do not see a reason why to choose Mulgi instead of them.


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