Gran Cruz Porto LBV 2003 (20%)

Porto Cruz is one of the largest producers of port wines. Their products are sold in more than 50 countries. In the largest years, the company was maturing millions of liters of port wine. Every year, the company sells nearly 10 million bottles. Gran Cruz Winery was founded in 1887. Today it is 95% owned by La Martinique from France. The port wine on this review was produced in 2003, after which it has been aged in barrels for five years and bottled in 2008. It has therefore been in the bottle for 13 years before opening. The normal price for a 75 cl bottle is somewhere around € 20, on offer it was € 13.99.

The aroma is matured and rich, there are aromas of blackberry and other dark berries. The taste is deep, rich and sweet. Deep berry flavour, blackcurrant, dark chocolate and leather. Where Ruby port wines have loads of fresh berry flavour, there is a similar berriness here as well, but much thicker and deeper. The taste is rich and matured. When the bottle was opened, the taste was surprisingly juicy and light, but when the drink is allowed to oxidize in the glass, it becomes much more aromatic. With this port wine you should not rush, but let it rest before enjoying. There was a thick precipitate on the bottom of the bottle, which also indicates that it has been aged in the bottle for plenty of years. The difference with the youngest ruby ​​wines is clear, especially when you give it time in the glass and don’t rush to empty the bottle.


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