Royal Oporto Ruby (19%)

The Real Companhia Velha was established already at 1756 at city of Porto. It is known also as Royal Oporto Wine Company, as it was built by Dom Jose I, king of Portugal. As having a long and political history, it’s oldest port wine house in Portugal and one of the biggest and best known. Royal Oporto Ruby is blend of different port wines matured at least 3 years in oak vats. 70cl bottle costs 10.99€ at Maksimarket.

Lots of forest berries on the nose, cherry and plum, some spices and oak. Quite strong and spicy taste, blueberry, cherry, spices. Distinct alcohol bite at least when wine is at room temperature. Berries and spices on aftertaste, a bit of bitterness from the alcohol. Anyway it’s good and strong ruby, enough but not too sweet, nice forest berry aromas. Definitely to be enjoyed on cool temperature, then the alcohol do not bite so much. It feels a bit too young, would need few months or 1 year more maturation. 


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