Rozes LBV 2010 (20%)

Throughout its 150-year history, Rozes has been French-owned. The Rozes winery was founded in 1855 by Ostendo Rozes, who worked for years in Bordeaux as a wine seller. Ostendo’s son Edmond Rozes continued production and made it an international brand. Today, it is owned by Vranken Pommery, a company better known for its champagne production. Rozes 2010 LBV is, as the name implies, a wine made in 2010 that has matured in a 5,000-liter oak vat. The wine has not been filtered at all before bottling, so there is a lot of precipitate at the bottom of the bottle. The price of a 75 cl bottle is about 14 €.

The nose is matured and rich. Dark berries, dried fruit and raisins. The taste is very smooth and sweet. Blackberries, raisins, dates and dark chocolate. The aftertaste is already much drier, fairly tannic and slightly spicy. Rozes 2010 LBV is very pleasant, sweet and ripe fruity in the first couple of sips. As the glass runs to the end, the dry and strong tannin aftertaste begins to get more grip and my hand instinctively begins to scout for some snack. Especially in the second half of the bottle, with more precipitate on the bottom, the taste is already getting quite intense. Rozes LBV goes well with sweet desserts.


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