Kopke Fine White Port (19.50%)

Kopke is the oldest port wine maker, founded as early as 1638, before port wines still existed as a concept. Kopke is the market leader in Tawny Colheita and white port wines. Today, Kopke is part of the Sogevinus Group, the fifth largest port wine producer.

The white grapes are peeled, crushed and fermented in a steel tank while stirring continuously. Fermentation is stopped when the correct degree of sweetness is reached by adding unmatured brandy. Kopke Fine White is a blend of wines of different ages, still aged minimum 3 years in steel tanks or oak barrels. Kopke Fine White port is a very affordable port, a 75cl bottle in a cardboard box costs only 9 euros.

The smell is fruity and floral. Honey, dried fruit, a little almond and vanilla. The taste is creamily smooth and sweet. Pleasant honey and vanilla, dried apricot, marzipan and hints of spices. The taste is light, mainly honey, the other aromas are just nuances. When the bottle was opened, the taste was one-sidedly sweet and juicy, but the closer you got to the bottom of the bottle, the more taste notes started to develop. Oxidation works well for this port wine. The aftertaste is already drier and slightly bitter. It’s very short and has a little almond and lemon zest.

Kopke Fine White is my first white port and it surprised me with its sweetness and smoothness. When I opened the bottle, I was ready to knock it out almost completely, it tasted like a sweet grape juice in general. The taste really developed and the last drops of the bottle were already quite pleasant to enjoy. Fine White has much the same as ruby ​​port wines, with its soft and juicy consistency. The complexity of Tawny and LBV ports are far away. Kopke White is still fairly good port wine, but maybe more suitable for cocktails. I didn’t try, but I guess with ice and tonic water it would make it a pretty great summer drink.


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