Sandeman Old Invalid Ruby Port (19.50%)

Sandeman winehouse was established at London in 1790 by young scotchman George Sandeman. Sandeman specializes in port and sherry wines already at the beginning and have kept it’s way until these days. The Sandeman trademark was registered already in 1870 and it is one of the oldest trademarks. The Golden age of Sandeman was the whole 19th Century, when it exported wines all over from Europe and America to south-Africa and New Zeland. Nowadays it is one of the best known port wine and sherry producers. 

Old Invalid Ruby has been made by traditional methods. Grapes are collected by hand and them are fermented with the grape skins to get a deeper taste. Fermentation is stopped by adding grape spirit and then starts the maturation. Ruby port is blended from wines aged at 2 to5 years, average age is 3 years. 

Nose have dark berries, black currant, black raspberry and cherry. A bit of spices, ginger and cinnamon. Taste has plum, cherry and dark berries. Light and easy, rather unilateral and boring. Very easy drinking, no alcohol bite or bitterness. Sweet, smooth but too easy to be interesting enough. It tastes like a bulk product from one of the biggest port wine producers. So it’s a light and well balanced ruby port for beginners, very easy and have nothing to be scared of. It’s a very typical supermarket port wine product. 


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